Collaboration With York Minster Stoneyard Team Crucial to the Success of the Great East Window Project

4th August 2014

The YGT team have begun fixing the protective glazing to York Minster's Great East Window. This will be a lengthy operation, starting at the very top of the tracery and working all the way down to the first row at the base of the window. Protective glazing will be made continually by a studio-based team using UV resistant glass from the world famous Lamberts Glass House in Germany, whilst the fixing team enjoy a change of scene on the scaffolding.

Throughout the project the YGT have been supported by our colleagues in the York Minster Works Department - known to us simply as "The Stoneyard". Ongoing collaborations and discussions have ensured that the needs of stone and glass are in sympathy with each other and that essential programming can be carried out to the benefit of both departments. The work carried out by the Stoneyard team to assist the YGT has been of the highest standard, for example the cleaning and preparation of glazing grooves and the installation of new bronze bars to millimeter-accuracy for the newly designed protective glazing system. In addition, the Stoneyard team have kept in regular touch with the YGT, to ensure that their much needed work on the East Front of the Minster will suit the size, shape and profiles of the newly conserved stained glass.

Whilst the Great East Window has been in storage and undergoing conservation in the workshop, the work of the Stoneyard has taken centre-stage on the East Front of the building. Cutting edge stone conservation techniques have been combined with new masonry and carving to replace stones too fragile to remain in the window. The results of their endeavors are remarkable and are surely proof that the York Minster team are leading the field of masonry, stone carving and stone conservation. YGT would like to pay thanks to the entire team, and in particular, Rebecca Thompson (Superintendent of Works), John David (Master Mason), Paul Greene (Building & Services Manager), Danny Sampson (Foreman Mason), Lee Godfrey (Stone Conservator and Carver), and by no means least Mr Andrew Arrol (Surveyor of the Fabric).

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