Window nII, c1440, York Minster

Window nII dates from c1440 and can be found to the left of the East Window, over the altar in St. Stephen's chapel. It is one of the only windows in the Minster that relates directly to the dedication of the chapel below, and it depicts scenes from the life and martyrdom of St. Stephen.

The strong structural condition of the panels in this window means that conservation will be minimal, with an emphasis on the provision of modern protective glazing to match that being installed in the East Window. Work began at the end of 2012 and the window will be reinstalled in December 2013.

During the last restoration (1945-6) areas of broken glass were bonded with an adhesive that has since failed, jeopardising the safe preservation of these pieces. These fragments are now being repaired using a more reliable modern formula, and returned to the panel with thermoformed plates to provide additional stability. Minor lead repairs and in situ cleaning are also being carried out, and the removal of excess glazing cement has brightened the vast array of colours within the panels, and uncovered hidden painted details.

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